Our experience covers more than 150 international innovation and growth projects. These seven examples demonstrate INNOIMPACT´s key competence areas.

Competence areaExampleImpactRole
Growth strategy
Oil & Gas industry - Innovation strategy
Clear innovation positioning and new innovation process Classic consulting
Profit strategy
Technology company - Recession plan
Cost reduction with minimal revenue loss Classic consulting
Social impact strategy
Social sector - Stand alone strategy
"Re-Birth" of a social enterprise External strategic adviser
New product and service development
Innovative retail chain - Start-up strategy
Funding and launch of new venture Co-Founder, advisory board
Pricing and revenue management
Telecom industry - Pricing strategy
  • New tariff strategy and price plans
  • Market share increase
Classic consulting
Customer acquisition strategy
Industrial SME - Sales Up project
15% sales increase within 3 months Classic consulting
Customer development management
Mobile operator - CRM strategy
  • Higher revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Plus 50 Mio EBITDA p.a.
Success fee consulting