The core of our work is developing impact strategies: growth impact, profit impact and social impact. An impact strategy must be underlined by an appropriate business model. The execution of impact strategies typically requires four capabilities:

  • new product and service development
  • pricing and revenue management
  • customer acquisition strategy and
  • customer development management.

innoimpact dev product aquisition pricing growth profit impact

Customer development management

In multi-year studies with our clients we have experienced that only win-win strategies really work: With impact for customers, the organisation and the society. That´s why we have developed proprietary tools to roll-out customer development strategies.

New product and service development

We are aware of the entire new product development process – from ideation to post-launch control. Our clients can prove that our support significantly increased the success rate of their portfolio.

Customer acquisition strategy

We cover the full spectrum from (multi-) channel sales strategy to operational new customer acquisition. Just one example: In line with our claim "Driving ideas to market" we are successfully using a special tool to realise double-digit sales growth within a few weeks!

Pricing and revenue management

Pricing has the highest profit impact of all marketing tools. Therefore, we have developed a complete suite of tools to develop and execute pricing strategies, which increase market share and profitability.

Growth strategy

In total, we have led more than 150 international innovation and growth projects. We co-founded and launched new ventures – with new ideas, innovative business models, sweat and cash. We know how to drive ideas to market success.

Profit strategy

Together with our clients we have developed recipes for recession-proof strategies to enable profitability in good and in bad times.

Social impact strategy

We have co-founded social business start-ups and have kicked-off meaningful social initiatives. We increase social impact for for-profit companies and optimise growth and bottom line results for non-profit organisations.

INNOIMPACT works closely together with academic institutions in the field of innovation, marketing and sales strategy as well as civil society and sustainability strategy.